'Sans Vox' Digi-LP

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'Sans Vox' Digi-LP

Chris Craft

This instrumental release marks the first of 'The Beat Tape Series' by Aljera Music. 'Sans Vox' was produced and recorded by label owner, Chris Craft, in his studio in South Carolina. Craft is also the CEO of Atlanta-based Shaman Work Recordings, famous for its releases by MF DOOM, CL Smooth, John Robinson, Wale Oyejide, Wise Intelligent, Emanon, Ta'Raach, and more. Enjoy the signals!

Sans Vox Track Listing:
1. Oh My God
2. Crank It
3. Cold Train
4. 108
5. Fonky
6. Bad Eyes
7. Freshhh
8. Fly Fly
9. The Island
10. Raisin Toast (Done)

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